Lightweight chicken and vegies

Still trying to keep in with my ‘low fat’ idea, and despite the fact that our temperatures are winter temps as opposed to the high summer ones we should be having, I decided on some grilled chicken, cous cous and mixed veg.

I marinated the chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) in a pack of  apricot and harissa mix.  I’d hoped from the description it would be more than just sweet, a bit of curry maybe, (it said ‘flavours of Marrakesh’ on the packet!) but it wasn’t.  Still nice, but not what I’d hoped for. It’s taken me many many years to learn not to overcook my chicken breast, and these were just perfect. 

Made up some sundried tomato and caper cous cous I had in the cupboard – a lighter option to the usual potatoes I do.  Then nuked the packet of fresh mixed veges I’d bought (carrots, courgettes, beans), made up a small quantity of very cheesey sauce, added with a very large amout of wholegrain mustard.  Ok, so the cheese sauce wasn’t healthy, but I did just do a little of it as opposed to my usual which is to have a little bit of veges swimming in lots of sauce! I also would normally have served the chicken with a sauce of some kind, and probably mashed potatoes with large amount of butter in them!, so this is an improvement.Then blitzed up some fresh breadcrumbs, mixed in a some paprika, and sprinkled that on top of the vege mix, baked it until browned.

It was all quite tasty, but in retrospect I wouldn’t add the paprika, or perhaps I was just too heavy handed with it.  That happens a lot! I get into a bit of a speed wobble. Family seemed to enjoy it and the son, who is never home for dinner but gets stuck into leftovers the next morning for breakfast (!?) gave it rave reviews.

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