Dressing up some Leftovers

I made a leg of lamb for Sunday dinner about a week ago and saved the rest of it in one of these wonderful vacuum bags I have- I just take the leftovers and any associated sauce, make a bag, and seal it tight, without any air in it and pop it into the freezer to enjoy again later, just by boiling to reheat. Easy enough, huh? Once again, it seemed that sweet potato fries were the right match to go with the lamb, and I flavored them with just a little bit of curry powder. Beets are in season, and we both seem to like them best freshly boiled, then chilled and served plain, although tonight I put them over some tabouleh to go with the lamb. And tonight’s salad was a mixture of greens, cress and endives, with radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and green onions, and a vinaigrette I made using some juice from the freshly crushed first black raspberries of the season from my own personal bramble in the back yard.


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