Sunday Roast

Gina Falbo made her Sunday Roast Beef for two today, and with some mashed potatoes (boiled and peeled with butter, sour cream and milk to smooth it out) and some sauteed onions, broccoli and mushrooms with soy, we stretched it for three.  Apparently the pic was too big to post, I’ll have to work on that.  When she makes her Sunday roast she takes an approximately two and a half pound roast (any less than two or more than three pounds and this method does not work properly) that has been completely frozen (really, frozen solid), rubs it with a clove of garlic and a teaspoon of olive oil (in her kitchen, she has some olive oil with garlic marinating in it, but straight oil will do), and roasts it on it’s side with the bones down at 400 degrees for 1 hour and 35 minutes.  To adjust for size, add 10 minutes for each .2 lbs above 2.5 or subtract at the same ratio.  Incredibly moist when it comes out and you can use the juices for a great gravy for the potatoes.  Serve with a mixture of horse radish and sour cream (I like it strong, so I tend to just wave a spoon of sour cream at the horse radish).  Simple and it warms the house as it’s 34 degrees in Denver today.

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  1. Well, it may have been too cold in Denver, but it’s spring around here. We BBQed last night, and worked in the garden all weekend. Nice to see you posting again, keep it up :)

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