Backyard Cookout

Last week’s heatwave is a distant memory, but it’s still nice enough to grill in the backyard, and with it having been T’s birthday during the week, we were not about to pass up the opportunity. So we put some burgers on the bbq, as well as grilled some bacon to go on top… sliced some meunster cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce, and sautéed eryngii mushrooms to go over the top, all on toasted onion rolls with the appropriate condiments. A hearty tossed garden salad to go with, as well as some store-bought potato salad that was disappointing- tasted like it had a jar of dill pickles mixed in. But on the whole, it was about as American-style of a BBQ as one can make.

For dessert, J&G whipped up something special- strawberries marinated in a little balsalmic vinegar with sugar, over shortcakes with fresh whipped cream. Last week’s heatwave aside, it almost feels like spring!


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