Pork and More!

Tonight’s meal featured herb-crusted pork tenderloin, saffron rice and zucchini in a dill-sour cream sauce. Tasty!

We still managed to make room for dessert~ caramel flan!

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  1. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com, then made a few changes:


    I used chicken stock instead of the water/bullion. Also, I don’t like mushy zucchini, so boiling it for only a couple of minutes initially help retain some texture, plus it thickened quickly after adding the sour cream, so didn’t need to cook the additional 6-7 minutes called for in the recipe, (more like two minutes). Next time I’m going to add a little lemon zest over the finished dish. My husband loved it, and I found myself eating what was left out the pan after dinner. I think this would work equally well with yellow squash, or a combination of the two.
    Hope you try and enjoy it, too!

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