Creme Brulee and Yakitori

I went out for dinner with a good friend and his family one night, and we opted to go to a yakitori restaurant downtown which we all were familiar with. We ordered Chinese style fried vegetables (with sliced pork), pork rib soup, ika buttayaki (fresh cuttlefish sauteed in butter), agedashi tofu, shishamo, and sticks of grilled chicken skin. And lots of rice.

My good friend had a craving for mochi, which unfortunately the restaurant did not serve. Off we went on a quest for mochi. We finally found another yakitori restaurant in the next building which served mochi in azuki (red beans), and I ordered a creme brulee. Alas, the bowl of azuki came with one measly punctured mochi, which didn’t sate my friend. Off again we went, and found, after much searching and inquiring with a staff and a manager, some frozen mochi in a supermarket.

The creme brulee was quite nice, really, not too rich or sweet, but smooth and the caramel surface was sufficiently brittle for some crunch.


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