Chicken Soup and Salad

We had a whole chicken in the refrigerator and I decided it was the right kind of day to make soup. I started out by cooking the chicken in the pressure cooker for about an hour then strained the broth adding that to a new pot along with salt, pepper, sage, turmeric and saffron. I let the chicken cool and picked out most of the meat returning it to the broth. I then added carrot, potato, some trumpet mushrooms, a small bit of garlic and onion powder and a tiny bit of Thai chili sauce. I let that simmer for about an hour then added some freezer biscuits to make dumplings. We had company tonight so he and A. fixed up a salad and that was Sunday dinner this week.

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  1. Dumplings. They’re soooo good.

    Now I’m craving Gramma’s blueberry dumplings. It’s like a hot fruit soup with dumplings. MMMMMM…

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