Big Bowl of Purple

Not a huge fan of cabbage and I don’t have much experience with making tasty cabbage things.

Had this red cabbage in the fridge for a while, and needed a quick way to dispose of it. I found a recipe on the internet for red cabbage soup – 1 red cabbage, washed & shredded, 1 onion, 2 potatoes, water, and seasoning. I’m still nervous about eating many foods due to the new braces, so thought soup would be safe for my teefs. I therefore deciced to blend the soup with the hand held stick blender rather than have a chunky soup that requires any chewing.

Sounded easy as, so went with it. I was a but dubious about cabbage soup, but what we ended up with was a lot of purple stuff that tasted of nothing but potato. Blandest soup ever! Ony a massive dollop of sour cream & toast slathered with butter picks it up to something flavourful. It does look cool tho.Purple

After having seen the photo, perhaps cool isn’t really right word. Ugh.

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  1. Yeah, it wasn’t horrible – it just tasted like potato and I wondered where the cabbage went. I pondered spicing it up a bit by adding some more stuff, but I didn’t want it to turn into brown moosh. The colour was quite interesting – it looked exactly like the berry yoghurt we get and reminded me of the purple potatoes we used to get from the organic co-op which I used to make awesome purple potato salad with. In the end, with the sour cream, it was just like eating a purple potato with sour cream. The worst thing about the soup was the photo I took.

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