WIHFDT March Recipe Contest and Cookbook

To spice things up around the dinner blog this coming March, I would like to encourage you all to post your own original recipes with your dinner posts. (I know we have a restaurant/delivery category, but let’s hear it for cooking at home and coming up with your own original recipes!) Then, at the end of the month, I’ll collect them all, pretty them up with some of our photos, and make them into a book you can order online, for a small charge, and have your own WIHFDT cookbook!

And, to add a little extra incentive to it all, there will be a contest at the end of the month, where we’ll all choose some of the best recipes and then vote on the best one, and the winner will get a free cookbook!

By posting your recipes and photos during the month of March to the blog, they will become available to be republished in the cookbook, so other people can enjoy your clever yumminess :) Also, it would be super nice if you posted higher resolution photos, too, so they’d print nicer.

Anyway, how does that sound? Would you guys be into that? Would you hate it? Would it get you posting more? Less? Would you like to have a WIHFDT cookbook? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Okay, enough questions. Thanks for your time.


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  1. So much pressure to come up with a decent recipe that other people might be willing to make.

    I’m guessing my Brégicè is out…

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