Pepper Steak


I chopped up some steak and marinated it with bell pepper and garlic and teriyaki sauce and let it set for most of the afternoon to let it really develop some flavor. Then I pan fried it in the marinade, and set the meat aside, and also cooked some more bell peppers, with some onions and a whole bunch of button mushrooms. Then I served it all together. I also decided to try a recipe suggested by Path the last time I made sweet potatoes, and made curried sweet potato latkes. I have to say, they were really good! My only substitution was to use Sriracha sauce instead of cayenne pepper. I also tried making pea shoots again, but I should have spent more time culling out the thicker stems; they were too stringy and tough. But the tender shoots and leaves were tasty, and I still like the way I prepared them, sauteéd with tamari and garlic and onion.

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