Weekend in LA

Catching up from a whirlwind weekend down to LA and back to visit my Dad and his girlfriend who have taken up residence in West Hollywood for the month of January. Friday was dinner on the road, while driving down to LA; we stopped at Jack in the Box. I had a bacon cheeseburger and fries, and J had a chicken sandwich with fries. Nothing extraordinary, but not especially poisonous either, and well timed to hit the spot.

Saturday night after a busy day exploring LA and seeing the Schindler house and visiting the La Brea tar pits we took a little time to decide where to go for dinner and Barbara, my Dad’s girlfriend finally decided we should go to the restaurant of The Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. It’s decorated in wonderful 70’s decor, and serves American-style comfort food. Ironically, as we walked in the door, from our stroll up the hill from their apartment, Missing Persons’ ‘Walking in LA’ (“No One Walks in LA”) was playing…

Anyway, as plush as the lobby of the hotel is, the restaurant has been left to coast on its laurels. The music was too loud, the service was pretty casual and lackadaisical, the upholstery of the banquettes was worn down, and the food was not particularly good. The best part of my meal was my appetizer, which was an extremely small bowl of guacamole with plantain and tortilla chips, which I shared with J and my Dad. My main course was penne that was drowned in fresh tomato sauce with basil. When I had finished the pasta, my plate was still half full of tomato sauce, and it was kind of acidic to eat on its own.

Tonight, we made it home in time to have dinner with T&G who had been kind enough to watch our kitties while we were away. They brought us burritos for dinner tonight, from the yummy Mexican place up the street, Oatez. Mine was chicken with black beans and was just what I was in the mood for after our quick dash down the state and back up. LA’s fun to visit, but it’s good to be home.

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