Starting from scratch

At the grocery store, for some reason tomatoes were on sale for only 79¢ a pound, so I bought several pounds, as well as some fresh basil, a nice red bell pepper, some dried porcini mushrooms, meatball fixins, and some yellow crookneck squash, as well as some healthy whole-grain pasta, and spent the afternoon cooking down the tomatoes with the pepper, basil, some fresh oregano, an onion, some garlic, a few bay leaves, the broth from the reconstituted mushrooms, and salt and pepper. After a couple hours, I took the contents of the pot and put it all through my tomato press, and squeezed out all the good stuff in a fine purée, and left behind the skin and pulp. To the sauce, I added the chopped up porcini mushrooms and chopped up squash, and some tomato paste to thicken it, and left it to cook down for about another hour and half.

The meatballs were a combination of ground beef and ground pork and mild italian sausage, with some chopped onion, basil, bread crumbs and garlic powder, which I baked in the oven til they were nicely browned and a little crispy. T&G provided a lovely bottle of Bitch, a red wine with attitude, and put together a light caesar salad to go with the spaghetti and meatballs, which, of course, had some romano and parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top.

Dessert was J’s project, another delicious apple pie, made with Granny Smiths and a couple Fujis, and yummy Ben and Jerry’s over the top to cool it off a little, since we enjoyed it almost straight from the oven.

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