We made pizza again tonight. Both of us have had a craving for it recently but neither of us wanted to order it in, because once you’ve made it from scratch, ordering delivery is a tough sell. So J made the dough from scratch, with a pinch of oregano from the garden (man, nothing kills that stuff, not even the frost!). I made the sauce from a combination of tomato sauce and paste, fresh basil and garlic, some salt and pepper, and olive oil, and let it cook down for a while. For toppings, we went with some sliced green peppers, red onions, sautéed mushrooms, Italian sausage and salami, and of course, copious amounts of grated mozzarella cheese. This time we went for smaller sized pizzas and thinner crusts, and the results were some of the best pizzas we’ve made yet. Leftover sauce frozen for the next round, too!

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