More Turkey Tacos

I made some turkey taco stuff again, this time using tofu instead of mushrooms for more body. The spinach was there, and I also added corn and onion. My homemade taco seasoning was as tasty this time as last, and the stuff cooked up pretty good. I realized today at lunch as I was heating up some frozen turkey curry I made a while back that it was the first time this week I’d eaten meat. Not that it’s a shocking revelation, I just noticed. Anyway. I whipped up a batch of guacamole using the three perfectly ripe avocados sitting on the table (plus raw garlic, 2 limes, tomatoes from a can, black pepper, cayenne, “chili powder,” cumin, and sour cream). Someone remind me that I really shouldn’t be buying 5 avocados just because they’re on sale at Costco because EVEN THOUGH they all felt like they were at different levels of ripeness when I bought ’em, well, they were still ripe before I really should’ve eaten them all. I am a single person, after all.

I will definitely disregard this reminder in the future because OMG I <3 avocados.

But yeah. The tacos (2 of them) were on corn tortillas I’d heated in a pan, filled with the stuff, half of a string cheese stick, and a blob of guacamole. I tried taking a pic with my camera phone but it looks sort of like an omlette. The taste is what counts tho, right? :) I could go back for more, but I won’t. No sir, I won’t. Nope.

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