Mistakes were made

I’ve been running around like a crazy person the last couple of days  — leaving the house super early and getting home really late.  In my exhaustion tonight, I had a craving for comfort food: green curry chicken.  None of the Thai places in my neighborhood do green curry particularly well, so I decided to try a spot I’ve heard good things about that’s about a ten-minute drive from my apartment.  I got all excited and ordered pad thai, too, figuring then I’d have both variety for tonight and leftovers for later.

But traffic from San Francisco to Oakland was brutal, and I went from pretty hungry to painfully and uncomfortably starving while on the road.  Then I started feeling really sick, and remembered that I’d forgotten to take my acid reflux meds twice in a row because of my insane schedule.  I went to pick up the food, but as I was finally walking in the door at home I had waves of nausea and could feel the acid backing up my throat.  Ugh.  Suddenly Thai — which was supposed to be a treat as I hadn’t gotten take-out dinner in weeks — sounded uttery awful, and yet I was so hungry I had to eat immediately.  I made my best guess and went for the pad thai.

Fortunately, it was very very mild.  I think if I’d been feeling any better it would have been *too* mild, but noodles and eggs and tofu turned out to be an OK solution to the problem at hand.  I ate all of it alarmingly quickly.  My stomach is making some curious noises but so far everything seems to be under control.  I put the green curry in the fridge for another day.  I’m hoping it’s good!  But now I just need to get to bed as soon as possible.  And of course to remember to take the acid reflux pill…

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