Maybe it was lunch?

I finished work today at 4 pm, after an all-night editing session. In the previous 24 hours, I ate some meals, but which one was dinner, I am not sure. There was a fried broccoli falafel sandwich in the late afternoon, warm onigiri with soymilk vegetable soup around 11 pm, and a bowl of brown rice cereal with soymilk and strawberries. I think the cereal was breakfast.

The night before last, we walked down to Hiroo and had Mexican food at LaJolla. Two vegetable chimichangas and a salad came to a total of 3170 yen. Right on budget and the 20 minute walk each way was a welcome stretch of the legs.

Tonight, Tod is making chili while I rest. Yay for devoted husbands who like to cook!

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