Dinner for the runaways.

The unprecedented heatwave has been utterly unbearable and I’d been contemplating fleeing to a hotel for several days now, until Friday I couldn’t take it anymore.

I went to Pilates at noon, and thankfully the aircon has been repaired since last week when it was BORKED. I got home and immediately did a search for local hotels with POOL and restaurant and told Ro to pack cos we we were getting the fuck out of this oven we’ve been calling home.

We checked in about 2.30, and I had to work from 4 – 9ish, so I dropped off Ro and her friend Sam – they are both yr 10s but doing a yr 11 subject this year and they have been given homework that needed to completed by the first class. (HARSH, I say, HARSH). Sam already had the text book, so he came over to do the homework with Ro. They packed up their books and we abandoned home and sought the sanctuary of the Citigate on Albert Park. I dropped them off, had a shower, refreshed myself & went to work.

After work, I drove Sam home and by the time we got back to the hotel the restaurant & bar kictchens  had closed so we ordered Room Service. The prices are a bit scary, but what can you do?  We were too knackered to go out again and needed food and sleep.

Ro opted for the Prime Burger (see her post for pics & details) & I chose the entree (thats the STARTER, NOT THE MAIN, for any Americans) sized Asparagus & Minted Pea Risotto, which was pretty damn tasty. The portion sizes were a bit scanty. Ro’s burger came with chips, but still looked a bit sad on the plate – some more chips or a side salad would have perked it up a bit, visually at least.

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