Dinner for the Runaways, pt II

True to Murphy’s Law, he very act of me booking us into a hotel caused today’s temperature to drop from 37C to 27C.

I had to to work from 9.30am to 4pm. I booked us both a buffet breakfast  – not included in the bargain room cost and thus blowing my budget out of all proportion and instructed Ro to fill her pockets with bacon and muffins, etc so she wouldn’t go hungry while I away.

I got back to the hotel about 4.20 and was STARVING, so we sat in the bar &  scoffed some potato wedges with salsa & sour cream. Ro was still full of breakfast, but I needed something to keep me sane.  We had planned to have dinner in the hotel restaurant, so I didn’t want to spoil my apetite, and judging from the scanty portions of last night’s room service, I assumed a bowl of wedges would fill the gnawing gap but still leave room for dinner in a few hours. We even packed pretty outfits for a restaurant dinner.

So after the wedges, we hit the pool for the first time! The whole choice of hotel hinged on the pool criteria, but on Friday I didn’t have time to swim, Ro & Sam had their homework, Sam couldn’t have swam as he didn’t have swimwear anyway, and by the time Ro & I got back from dropping Sam off, we had choice of swim before 11pm when the pool closes, or eat before11pm when the fud closes, and we opted to eat rather than swim.

So by Sat evening, we were desperate to hit the pool! Which was bloody chilly, and nto long after we arrivd, became overrun by families with toddlers. VERY NOISY SQUEALING TODDLERS.

So we headed back to our room, with plans to freshen up and head to the restaurant in an hour.

Next thing I know, Ro is asleep.

An hour or so later she wakes up & we decide to get Room Service. She loves her spag bol (see post) and I opt for the main sized portion of the same asparagus & minted pea risotto I had last night, and a garden salad.I thought tonight’s risotto was a little too “bitey”. Risotto is meant to be “firm” but this was more “slightly undercooked” than “firm”.

Ro seemed to enjoy her pasta much more than last night’s burger.

It was in the oddest shaped bowl.

This bowl was rescued off the Titanic

This bowl was rescued off the Titanic

We were very confused.

I ordered the same dinner I ordered last night, but I went for the main portion plus a side salad.



We had out dinner about 7pm ish, and the plan was to watch a mooofie on Pay for view – I wanted to watch Dark Knight prior to the Oscars so I can get the gist of what all the fuss is about, but boring Ro went to sleep. She eventually woke up around 12.30, so at 1am we got a pizza to share (see her post) which was quite tasty. Instead if watching any move, we ended up watching random shit on TV, reading the newspaper & internetting.

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