Chicken, vegetables, and cobbler (in that order)

Last night I spent the majority of the day either at IKEA, getting furniture in boxes up to my apartment, or assembling furniture. Greasy pizza was had for lunch, so I didn’t end up eating dinner til late.

I fixed chicken in onion soup base (thanks again to gomi), and crisped the skin of what we were going to eat last night. Meanwhile, I was sauteeing some formerly-frozen corn and green beans in a tiny bit of butter. Even more meanwhile, a blackberry cobbler was baking in the oven.

I was impressed at how this turned out, actually. Frozen blackberries sat in the baking dish with some sugar until they thawed, then I added some fresh berries. I added a bit of cornstarch dissolved in water, which might be cheating, but helped the end product. I couldn’t find a good-sounding recipe for the cakey part of cobbler, so I just used the “shortcake” recipe (with some vanilla added) on the “heart-healthy” Bisquik box and kinda spread it on top. I brushed on a bit of melted butter and sprinkled on some raw sugar and cooked it about 40 min @ 350F. Really, really good!!

My timing was awesome. By the time the cobbler was done, I just had to whip up some instant mashed potatoes (don’t judge) and dinner was served.

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