Burgie and Fries

We stayed at the hotel from Friday night to Saturday night to get away from the heat. Friday night around 11 we got our room service. I had the prime burger beef burger with bacon, tomato, cheese and floppy onion. Mum had risotto, asparagus with minted peas.



My burger was pretty good though the beef patty was just a bit too thick, it kind of cancelled out the taste of the bacon and tomato and there weren’t enough fries. The onion in it was caramelized i think and it didn’t taste like anything so i didn’t like that part very much. The hotel was really nice, it was sooo good to have an air con to make it feel a lot cooler and the heated pool just down stairs and my favorite… breakfast buffet!

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  1. Oh, your mum is right, the burger and fries look a bit lonely. Why does room service too often have bad plating? A bit of parsley, folks, please!

    Breakfast buffets are the best. Shame this isn’t What I had for Breakfast This Monrning. :-)

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