Unexpected Home Cooked French Cuisine

  I realized this morning that I in fact did not get all my shopping done last week like I thought I had! So, I ran around to a few stores and picked up a couple items. I’m not quite sure if I’ve covered all my bases, but time is pretty much run out. And, there’s no way I’m going shopping tomorrow unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

   On my way home I was planning to stop at an old friend/new neighbors house to say hello and to drop of a bottle of wine as a Christmas/Sorry-I-didn’t-make-it-over-on-Monday-but-my-body-rebelled gift. Apparently I struck quite a deal at the store because the internets are selling the same bottle of Chateau Beaucastel for around US$100! I spent NOWHERE near that much. When I dropped it off, I discovered that A) the parents and sister from France were visiting and B) Some delicious smells were coming from the kitchen. I being the polite person that I am attempted to excuse myself and go home to microwave a burrito or something. But was ‘forced’ to stay and join them for dinner. 

    Dinner included some bow-tie like pasta, and a dish that i believe they called ‘Chicken Fricassee’ but there was a lot of french flying around so I may be mistaken. Anyway, there were largish pieces of chicken on the bone with mushrooms and onions and not sure what else mixed in, all in a delicious brownish sauce. I do not do the dish justice with my words. Suffice it to say A+ would eat again. 

  After dinner the father insisted I have some of the truffles they’d brought from France. I would also eat those again they were awesome.

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