Tired Travelling “Dinner”

I had a pickled plum onigiri and a bottle of LemonWater for dinner at about 5pm on the Narita Express coming home. Once home, I had a cup of tea with four Ritz crackers and was in bed well before our usual 8 pm dinnertime.

That simple onigiri tasted sooo good after the feasts of American foods I’ve consumed the last two weeks. We ate well while we vacationed, alternating restaurant meals with cooking at various homes across the country. There were too many meals to summarize them all; I think we ate 3 squares a day every day for two weeks. I am shocked I didn’t come back all lardy and lumpy. A few highlights were pancake souffle at Tod’s mom’s (this was brunch but worth recalling), homemade tacos at Tod’s dad’s new house, penne with vodka sauce in Wilkes-Barre, huge salads & mujadarrah at my mom’s place, Cuisine of India in suburban Chicago.


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  1. “Suburban Chicago”? I’m in suburban Chicago and *I* didn’t get any sort of phone call.. *harumph!*


    Glad to hear you made it back safe!

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