Party Food, a mid-run review

Theatres love reviews on opening night, but mid-run reviews are also good as they remind people to come to the show. This is a mid-run review of a pile of party foods from Monday night, when many ticket holders were unable to attend. We’ve enjoyed the show twice now and it will run through Christmas. For tickets to the food presentation, please contact mediatinker.


  • Baked Artichoke Dip – This dramatic interpretation from 101 Cookbooks substitutes tofu and yogurt for the heavy dairy products in most versions. An absolute favorite among the audience.
  • Roquefort Cheese Ball – Upstaged by the artichokes, it delivered a soft and flavorful performance with a kick of cayenne.
  • Walnut Pesto – Perked up with the addition of orange, this is the zesty entre act to the richer dips.
  • Crudite and Breadsticks – the essential dippers. Like a Greek chorus, these players adapt themselves to the moment.


  • Mushroom Puffs – 5 types of sauteed mushrooms in a puff pastry crust. Perhaps a bit shabby around the edges, but the audience approved.
  • Persephone’s Spinach Tart – Drawing on the Greek mythology, the pomegranate-topped savory pie delivered a laudable performance.
  • Pasta e Fagioli – Called in from its usual backstage work to fill in the hungry stomachs of the audience, this was half gone before anyone realised.


  • Gingerbread House –  A performance that started pale and plain developed color and character as the night wore on. Went out with a bang (of a hammer) in the murder scene.
  • Chocolate Mousse – A surprise delight, tickling the fancy of all who love Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  • Australian Panforte – A guest performance and variety act of dried fruits and honey. Unfortunately, you can only take in so much in one evening and this put most theatre-goers over the top.
  • Assorted Cookies – These behaved like the child actors in any holiday musical – all screaming for attention in their bright and cheery costumes. Not easily dismissed.

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