Office Christmas “Party”.

So last night was the office Christmas party. It was held, as it’s held every year, at one of the fake Irish pubs downtown.

I got there fairly early, though I’m not sure how that happened. I left the office after everyone else, and walked. Everyone who took their car showed up after me. Huh.

We each got One (1) drink ticket. The selection on tap upstairs was rather limited. I thought I would go for a Kilkenny (not great, but the best of some weak options), but wound up having to go for a Harp. (Question: when I’m reduced to drinking Harp, should I be mad or glad that I only got one drink ticket?)

I was chatting with some of the property managers at the bar, and as such, fell behind the swarm of office ladies when the food came out. By the time I got there, there were only cold fries left. And no cutlery. Or silverware to serve with. I had to grab these cold fries with my hands, and drop them on my too-heavy-for-standing-around plate.

I imagine the fries would have been pretty good had they still been warm. And they were doing nothing to combat the effects of drinking after hardly having eaten all day.

I had to order a second Harp’s, just to have something to do with my hands, and to stop the questions “why are you not drinking?”  Believe me, I want to — just not here.  With you.  Particularly in a place where a pint of this swill costs me seven-friggin-fifty.  I know much better uses for my alcohol dollar.

Eventually, they came out with more stuff – some different fries, with cheese (or “cheese food”), potato wedges, and some wings. I went for the wings, but – again – having to serve yourself with no cutlery? Gross.

Anyway, I milled around for almost three hours before I thought I could get away without anyone having something to say about it. I made it home on time for good tv.

Though I’m still hungry, now…

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