Nabe Light & Little Fishes


In a bit of organizational mix up I had prepared to have nabe, but Yoshi reluctantly had agreed to go with his brother to buy a Macbook (this being the second time as the first time the sales assistant had told them you can’t hook one up to a non-Apple wi fi network *sigh* and they had to come back and ask me first about that). So nabe was delayed for one night, but we also had to make the shirasu gohan (baby sardines/white bait with wakame and rice) which Yoshi had bought – because we’d both managed to buy ingredients which had to be cooked by that day.


In the end I ended up having a sandwich on the planned nabe night (grrrr) and the Macbook wasn’t bought in the end because the only store near us sold out!


We went light on the ingredients for this round of nabe so we could fit in some shirasu gohan at the end.

Anyway here is a shot of a kind of typical nabe set up for us:


White bait, wakame and rice. (which doesn’t really go with nabe but oh well.)


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  1. Doesn’t it? Typically, when I eat nabe (or rather, “steamboat”), we do have some fried or deep-fried stuff on the side, and always, always eat with rice.

    What my mom likes to do with whitebait is an omelette.

  2. We rarely have anything deep fried with it – we might put some noodles (udon or soba) into the broth last, or it being oshogatsu some toasted mochi.

    Oooo whitebait omelettes sound good! And would be a nice calcium boost.

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