They don't get any better than this

They don't get any better than this. Not even In-n-Out.

Sometimes ya just need a good burger. So after promising J’s niece and mom the best burgers in CA, tonight we ordered in from Nation’s. MmmmMMmMMMmMmMmMmmmmmmM. N and I each had a bacon cheeseburger with the works, J’s mom had a burger, and J had a cheeseburger. We all had fries, and the ladies had strawberry milkshakes. For dessert, we shared half of a lemon meringue pie. What more needs to be said? Other than maybe, “more, please.”

oh- a happy little note: this is my 250th post since starting this blog!

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  1. Nobody took the Olé option?? unless that’s included in the works.. i can’t remember. Too bad those burgers are only out there in the west.. I could go for one about now.

  2. N overdid it with the jalapeños the other day with the tots and decided not to go for the option tonight. Wish i could pack one up and send it to you, but it just wouldn’t travel well.

  3. The only staff member I know there is Keith, who’s a kind, happily married, man with kids, with whom I went to high school 20 years ago. From his before and after photos, from the results of his diet from the pantry, I’d say he’s a handsome guy, but I’d have to hesitate before going as far as cute. You can make up your own mind about the chef and the kids.

    I’ve got a couple meal kits on order; I’ll post a review once I get them and have a chance to try ’em.

  4. Yaay! Congratulations! *throws confetti*

    Do they do those multi-patty or a biiiig fat patty burger? One of the things on my “do before I die” list is to try a 4×4 from In-n-Out.

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