Instant Nasi, again.

The other night, I did a slip ‘n’ fall while shovelling snow. I did something to my foot, something that hurt. Hurt a lot. A trip to emerg the next day revealled it to be ‘just’ a sprain/strain/whatever, but that didn’t mean that I could suddenly walk again.

Anyway, I’m back to the eating habits I developed after I broke my knee back in the spring (same leg, I should add). Stuff I can make either by just shoving it in the oven, or what I can make from a package.

Tonight was instant Nasi, which was OK. Just OK. I’m not feeling very hungry overall, so most of it went into the fridge for tomorrow, when I’ll have another easy meal, of nuked instant Nasi leftovers.

And because I don’t have an appetite, I’ve determined that neither should you. Here’s what my foot looks like now:
Note that the black bits are NOT dirty, and the overall swellingness of the piggies compared to their counterparts on my left foot.

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