Hot & Spicy Pizza

Tonight was the last rehearsal and concert for my recorder ensemble. In between, we got pizza from Napoli Pizzeria. It’s right around the corner, so it got there incredibly fresh and hot. They use local cheese; I’m not sure if there’s some trick to the cooking, but they manage to lay it on pretty thick without it coming out either underdone or burned. And the sauce – oh, the sauce. I find most pizzeria sauces to be too sweet for my taste, but Napoli is more on the spicy side, with a hearty pulpiness to it. The outer crust had those air pockets in it that I love.

We walked across town to the place where the concert was, eating puckeringly tart local apples for dessert. They were putting up the annual ice sculptures, using some kind of hot irons to smooth and add detail. I saw a throne, Elvis, and a giant peace sign. After the performance, we split a box of chocolates. Made me think of Grandma, who always poked the tops of all the chocolates in the box to make sure she got the cream centers.

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