Home-made pad thai

I’ve only ever had pad thai in restaurants, and after finding some nice-looking noodles of the correct size I thought I’d try making my own. I amalgamated a few recipes I’d found, with some added modifications thanks to my silly diet – no garlic! no chili! no prawns! argh! It was a bit fiddly to make, as stir-fries often are; lots of prepping and marinading and chopping and having ingredients sat in individual dinky little bowls, but it was totally worth it in the end. I marinaded bits of chicken in a watered-down mix of soy sauce, nam pla, lime juice, palm sugar and tamarind chutney, then fried it up with chopped ginger and spring onions before adding some shredded bok choi, beansprouts and softened noodles. More of the ‘marinade’ sauce poured on top, then served with some crushed cashew nuts that I’d roasted in some grape oil in the oven, lime slices and lots and lots of fresh coriander. The kitchen smelled absolutely divine while it was cooking. 

I would have taken a picture, but, erm, we were hungry and wolfed it down. I want to experiment with the recipe a lot more, so pix next time!

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  1. sounds lovely… it is so much fun taking dishes that were once only the province of “special” restaurants and being able to make them yourself at home, and actually make them satisfyingly well! good on ya.

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