The Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving? It’s in the can!

I didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, so after a long, cold, wet day of Christmas decoration shopping, I thought I’d treat myself to one traditional dish and make a green bean casserole.

I was too hungry to wait for the full baked version, so I emptied one can of green beans, one can of mushroom soup, a large can of mushrooms, a little Chardonnay, a small can of French fried onions, and spices into a saucepan on the stovetop. I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer until it looked right. Some high-end, whole-berry canned cranberry sauce on the side and some more of the Chardonnay, and it was a nice, warm TUMmy full of comfort food.

I toured a cranberry farm once down East, where they raised white cranberries without flooding the bogs. It was some method involving sand, but I’m danged if I can remember the specifics. Most of the year, the taste of cranberries is inextricable linked with urinary tract infections. But from November to January it’s all warm, fuzzy memories of dinner at Grandma’s and stringing popcorn while The Sound of Music was on TV.


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  1. making cranberry sauce from scratch is surprisingly easy… all you need is some fresh cranberries, a little orange or lemon, and some sugar, and some stove top time… we made some for our ham this year since we didn’t have any turkey. also green bean casserole is one of those things that is either totally fantastic or utter dreck. luckily for us, our friend G makes a really good one…. (Gomi, is there anything that MUJI doesn’t do?)

  2. I usually make cranberry chutney with apples and ginger for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t get around to it this year. Maybe for Christmas.

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