Sunday Dinner

After the success of the pork roast I made last week, it was gently suggested that I make another one. As we’d picked up the appropriate roast while shopping at Safeway earlier in the week, and  the right veggies at the co-op and yesterday’s farmers market, little persuasion was needed.

I once again raided the garden for fistfuls of tomatoes, rosemary and oregano, which I cooked down into a sauce with some garlic, onion and olive oil until it was thick and rich. I put the roast into my biggest Le Creuset dutch oven, along with a pound of purple potatoes, some chopped up carrots and celery, and some more onion, and let the whole deal cook down in the oven for a couple hours. When nearly done, I sautéed some fresh eryngii mushrooms in a little more garlic and olive oil and added it to the mix to cook down. It actually cooked faster than expected this time, so I put it off to the side once it was done and reheated it before serving.

Instead of steaming beets, for once, I tried roasting them tonight. Once they were done, I peeled them, and then cut them into eighths and put them back into the dish, tossed with a little bit of olive oil, sliced garlic, and some dill, until tender. The salad was an extra-varied mix of greens, with frisée, romaine, butter lettuce, raddichio, and more, courtesy of the all one price, mix-and-match, stall at the farmers market, with fresh cucumbers, basil, radishes, and of course, tomatoes from the garden, with a lighter-than-usual lemon dijon vinaigrette over the top, to accentuate the flavors of the lettuce. Dessert was a fresh pineapple we’ve been saving for a while.

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  1. I haven’t had a good fresh beet in a donkey’s age. Those are a work of art.

    My Grandma had a red bowl exactly like that – I can smell her kitchen just looking at the picture.

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