Soothing Sushi House

My knee has been acting up something fierce since the rains began last week, which has been keeping me off cooking duty. Tonight, J came up with the clever idea of going out for Japanese food, thinking the fish oil would help my creaky knee not flare up so badly.

So we went out to Sushi house, at the Alameda Centre, where they have a new menu. We sat at the sushi bar, hoping it would be more comfortable for my grumpy knee, and also because it’s fun watching the sushi being made. Also- the food comes a lot faster, and fresher when sitting at the sushi bar.

We had wakame salad, and I had a plain salmon roll, while J had a Philadelphia roll. I had negima yaki, beef wrapped around green onions, and a vegetarian bento box with inari and agedadhi tofu, while j had the sashimi platter. It would have been even more enjoyable if I could have sat through all of it, but my knee demanded that I take the bento box home to finish it there. Of course, once home, my knee settled down, too.

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