Scallops in Sauce with Sprouts and Spinach

Ok, so I have an exam tomorrow and in preparation for the exam I decided I would waste a bunch of time and make some sort of elaborate meal for myself.

Turns out it only took an hour, but still.

I had gotten some frozen bay scallops a couple of weeks ago from TJ’s, so I decided tonight was the night. I thawed half of the bag and attempted to sear them (only to realize some weren’t thoroughly thawed, and once there’s water all up in the pan, bye-bye to searing). Whatevs. I cooked them, then took them out of the pan, threw in some garlic, a teeny bit of olive oil, and white wine to deglaze and let that cook for a bit. Meanwhile, I had some bacon slowly rendering on the back burner, so I tossed in some thawed frozen brussels sprouts to get them tasty and browned. I needed to add oil to that too (bacon was too lean, who would’ve thought??) and then I threw in a bunch of thawed frozen spinach. It was a clean-the-freezer night for Lori, I guess. Anyway. To finish the scallops’ sauce, I added some balsamic vinegar, chopped green onion, and pomegranate arils.

I served the scallops over angel hair pasta, and the sprouts ‘n’ spinach on the side. Pretty good, though I will never buy this kind of wine again, whatever it is.

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