My Grey Cup Runneth Over.

Tonight, the 96th edition of the Grey Cup is being played. Montreal playing Calgary in Montreal.

The Grey Cup has always been a much bigger deal in our house than the Superbowl. First, not to be biased or anything, but Canadian-rules football is better than American-rules football (bigger field, bigger ball, extra man, one fewer down), meaning that the championship game is always GOOD — it tends to be a much closer affair than the blowouts you get down south.

(Right now it’s three-three in the second quarter, but the Alouettes are making a real charge up the field after a sweet interception.)

Anyway, the Grey Cup was the one meal that we were allowed to eat in front of the TV. That in itself made it a Big Deal.


The Grey Cup Meal is always the same — little bit of steak, fries, and peas. And this year was no exception. However, I’m doing it all by my lonesome, as Dad’s gone, and my Mom and sis are in England. So I’m left upholding the tradition on my own. Well, not quite — Dad’s here as well, in a way, and with any luck he’ll do something to make stupid Calgary lose.

(Wow. Calgary is being SHUT DOWN. This is good.)

Anyway, the meal was good — I had a nice marinade going on the steak, and it turned out —

OK — Montreal just got ANOTHER interception. I’m gonna hafta go.

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