I decided to go grocery shopping tonight at 7pm, which is good because there aren’t many customers then but bad because that’s when the Trader Joe’s employees are restocking stuff and all in the way. I managed.

I realized I was missing only some fresh veggies (and soy sauce) as far as ingredients go to make a sort of standby jabchae (veggies with glass noodles).

I fried up beef I’d been marinating in soy, sesame oil, black pepper, garlic, and green onion, then drained the grease. Cooked the noodles so they could be rinsing, then fried an egg and set it aside to be sliced into the final concoction. Then I stir fried some onion, carrot, celery, and bell pepper, then threw in the cooked meat, some spinach, and some more green onions. Seasoned the whole mess liberally with soy and sesame oil, added the eggs and then carefully tried to incorporate the noodles. They are very sticky, which is why this dish is often oily (I presume). I finished it off with some raw and toasted black sesame seeds.

For dessert I ate a navel orange (over the sink) and some weirdo hi-chew-like candies made by baskin-robbins.

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