Well, that’s not all we had, but I was at a loss for an interesting title. And fractalli’s not really a word either. The above photo is what has been referred to previously in the blog as broccoflower, but is more accurately known as Romanesco broccoli. I like its fractal pattern, and it’s tasty when steamed with a bit of garlic in the water, and a dash of sesame oil over the top, as J did this evening.

I marinated a couple chicken breasts in a mixture of Asian sauces that had been cluttering up the fridge, with a few others thrown in for good measure: dark mushroom soy, a sesame ginger marinade, a generic chicken marinade, rice vinegar, sesame oil, some ginger powder, as well as some black sesame seeds, and let it all work its way into the chicken breasts before I grilled them on the GeoFo. Side dishes were pre-made jasmine rice dishes from TJs, microwaved back to life: one with a spicy red tom yum sauce with corn and lemongrass the other in a green curry with bamboo shoots.

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