Caesar salad with fries

L had a rare day off and chose to spend the afternoon and evening hanging out at our place. When dinnertime came around,  I put him to work in the kitchen doing some of the prep work- peeling the sweet potatoes and chopping the romaine lettuce, and best of all, running the sweet potatoes through the Cuisinart, so that they would be evenly sliced. I realized that was the key to getting them crisped properly- even thickness, having the oil heated to the right temperature, and cooking the fries in small enough batches so that the potatoes would not cool down the oil too much when a new batch was added to the oil and cook unevenly. Over the top was more of TJs lemon pepper salt, which, as I said previously, is the perfect complement to the flavor of the sweet potatoes.

Caesar salad with sweet potato fries

Chicken Caesar salad with sweet potato fries

The Caesar salad was pretty much standard issue, with vaguely Asian-marinated chicken sliced over the top, lots of Parmesan cheese, croutons, for once (J went to the store today!) and a handful of tomatoes from the garden. After all the heavy autumnal foods we have been having lately, this was a nice change, coinciding with the unseasonable warmth we’re having outside. Worked out well for all concerned, and it was nice to see L and spend some time with him.

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  1. it’s not that hard, mothy– as long as you use a small pot of oil, fill it no more than 1/3 full of oil, pay constant attention to the oil, and don’t put in more than a handful of fries at a time. The problems happen from inattention, overfilling and overcooking. Or you could go the Capt.‘s route and get a fry-o-lator which takes out some of the variables for you.

  2. Remind me to tell you sometime the full story of the Incident With My Friend Mike And The Deep Fried Mozzarella. The damn thing burned through six wet tea-towels and two asbestos fire blankets before we managed to get a lid on it and didn’t fully go out for 36 hours.
    So now I’m a bit leery.
    But, your fries look so yummy that I think I might conquer the fear :)

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