A little of this…

Those pea sprouts were so good last night, that I was determined to make them again tonight. So while out running some errands this afternoon, I stopped off at the co-op and picked up more sprouts as well as a bottle of peanut oil to cook them in properly from the grocery store. I found myself intrigued by something called tuxedo orzo, a mixture of plain orzo with some colored by cuttlefish ink, so I picked some up.

I defrosted some of the pork chops we’d bought at CostCo last week, and marinated them in a rather strong mixture of lemon juice and zest from the garden (I’d picked, zested and juiced the tree this weekend and frozen the results into separate cubes to use over the winter) with a healthy dose of garlic and fresh rosemary from the garden, as well as some olive oil, salt and ground black pepper, as well as a touch of honey to balance out the lemon. I let the mixture work its way into the chops before grilling them on the GeoFo, and re-basting them with their own juices. I boiled up the orzo, and served it tossed also with a little olive oil, as well as a pinch of minced fresh basil from the garden and a handful of freshly toasted pine nuts.

The salad was a mix of micro-greens and endives, with a grated carrot over the top and some chopped green onion; the dressing was the raspberry/cranberry dealio again, that’s quite good with these greens. Dessert (not pictured) was a pair of chocolate ninas, one for each of us, from the Feel Good bakery, also part of the co-op.

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  1. They were very good… they came out very lemony, even more than I had intended, but more on the zest-y side, which was nice… I’m always a fan of lemon-rosemary pork chops, but usually the rosemary is the predominant flavor. This worked nicely.

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