A Bun for Dinner, With Something Extra Later.

Last night I had to do the Airport Run to pick up Mother Renault and bring her back to her place.  As such, dinner was a bun in the car — couple of slices of Pepper Roast Beef from Denninger’s.

I was still hungry when we got back, so I had Mom scrounge through the freezer for something.  She found a hadful of fries and One (1) kroket, which was thrown in the deep-frier.  Fries and kroket come out really well when they’re deep-fried together, I’ve discovered.

(For those wondering what the hell I’m talking about, kroket is a Dutch thing, not quite fast food, but definitely junk food.  Sort of a roll of beef/pork pate with larger bits of beef in it, breaded, and deep-fried beyond recognition.   It’s tastier than I’ve made it sound here, and it serves a quick-snack purpose very well.)

(Kroket is also further proof that all the best Dutch food is Indonesian.)

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on “A Bun for Dinner, With Something Extra Later.
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  1. this is one of those moments where a photo might serve your purposes well. or a link…. i’d really like to know what you’re talking about, cause all I have in mind right now is shannen doherty and winona ryder with a couple mallets and some brightly colored balls.

  2. Oh, it was no big deal. She’s absolutely restless when she gets back — starts right in on the laundry and stuff. Getting the deep-frier going was actually pretty tame…

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