Steak and potatoes

Friday night, joined by G&T to relax after the week, and waiting for J to arrive back from Florida. To celebrate, we had another bottle of the G-B Mountain Cuvée we like so much.

For dinner, T marinated some steaks in BBQ sauce, and then wrapped them in bacon and grilled them to perfection on the GeoFo. I steamed some broccoli with garlic (tip- put the garlic in the water when you put the broccoli in to steam, not as the water’s heating), and G&I both learned, much to our surprise, that broccoli had not been the problem, it was the broccoli/cauliflower hybrids that T objected to.

I also brought out one of my favorite new kitchen tools, the mandoline, and used it to crinkle cut a bag of TJ’s potato medley, which features red, gold and purple potatoes. Also, I sliced up a red onion, and let it and the potatoes marinate in some olive oil with fresh garden basil, salt and pepper, and a little dijon mustard mixed in as well, and then roasted them in the oven til they were browned and crispy. No dessert.

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