Different Thai delivery redux

Since J’s back, I let him choose what we had for dinner, and since it had been a long time since he’d had Thai food, that’s what we ordered. We again tried the King of Thai Noodle house that I had orderd from last week, and we were even more impressed with it than I was before.

For appetizers, we had veggie spring rolls (the order only contained three, which was disappointing), which were crisp and tasty. We also had the deep fried tofu I ordered last time, which was still very good, especially the peanut sauce. We tried a different salad than I had chosen last time (called nam tok) with beef in it, that was rather spicy, but very tasty.

We also had tom kha gai, coconut milk and lemongrass soup, with chicken and mushrooms. Their version was very rich and flavorful, and one of the best we’ve had in a while.

For a main course, we split a dish of chicken with spinach, napa cabbage and broccoli with peanut sauce over jasmine rice. The meal was good and flavorful, filled us up without leaving us feeling stuffed. To be honest, I had intended to order pad thai, but forgot, and we had plenty of food anyway. I think this might be our new preferred choice for Thai food for a while.

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