Chinese Groente Soep met Rookworst.

Yesterday was jungle-hot and raining. My umbrella leaked, so I was completely soaked by the time I got home. Because of the direction of the rain (being ‘all’), I couldn’t open up the windows to cool the house down.

The heat must have been doing something to my head, because I decided to have soup.

This would be Chinese Groente Soep (Chinese vegetable soup by Honig), to which I add a bunch of stuff. It’s like the spring vegetable soup, only a mite sour, and made Chinese by the addition of wonton noodles. I threw in some Denninger meatballs, a chopped-up rookworst (Dutch smoked sausage) that was in the freezer, some veggies and vermicelli. On the side, some stale bread made good by toasting.

Soup turned out allright. I had to eat it sitting at the dining room table in my underwear, though.

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