Beefy roast, with mushrooms, corn and salad

filet roast, mushrooms and shallots, before cooking

Another visit to Baron’s today, where the nice man behind the counter talked me into buying this filet roast, when I mentioned that I was sick of chicken and looking for a beefy roast for one. At the co-op, I also picked up the mushrooms and shallots.

So, I fried them up in a little olive oil with garlic and fresh thyme, and then seared the roast in the same pan. I put the roast in a dish and covered them with the mushrooms and shallots and put it all in the oven to cook slowly at 300°F for an hour.

I started with a salad, finishing off some greens and lettuce that had been around the fridge for long enough, with some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and green onions over the top, and another home-made vinaigrette.

To accompany, fresh corn on the cob with butter, and mushroom flavored couscous from a mix. Dessert was a chocolate nina, from the Feel Good bakery, located in the co-op.

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