Sand pot marvel

My daughter, Christophine, used a recipe from Barbara Tropp’s China Moon cookbook tonight.  Pork meatballs, with a definite presence of water chestnuts and garlic, in a soupy sauce with black mushrooms, red bell pepper, napa cabbage, carrots, a bit of cayenne oil, a bit of vinegar, a bit of sugar, a bit of Chinese chili sauce, a bit of vinegar.  Also, glass noodles infused with a master sauce we’ve been building for a few years.  There was spinach in there somewhere, probably the meatballs. She used our sand pot for the first time. The whole thing was served over rice. Seriously great eating, which is good since she cooked from 2 till 7.  The “a bit of” stuff” added subtle notes without overwhelming the overall lovliness.  Next time, she’ll do more of the prep work the night before, but we will have to have it again.


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