Iron Chef: Sesame Seed

I was going to walk to the co-op today, but it was just too hot, so I drove. Bleah. For dinner we started with a seaweed (wakame) salad, with sesame seeds in it. The main course consisted of a pork tenderloin, marinated in a soy ginger sauce and coated with black and white sesame seeds, which I grilled on the GeoFo. I made a stir-fry to go with it, consisting of bok choy, broccoli, carrots, shitake mushrooms, yellow beans, red onions, thai basil, ginger, sesame seeds and garlic, and served it over jasmine rice with sesame seeds in it. The sauce consisted of dark mushroom soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic and sesame seeds. Dessert did not have any sesame seeds in it, but did feature yummy chocolate Ninas, fresh strawberries and melon.

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