Pizza Party again

Ok, so enthusiasm for writing these posts is wearing thin, as is evidenced by my shorter and shorter posts, and the near lack of anyone else posting. How do we fix this? It was fun to start with and now…

Yeah, so G&T and L were here this evening and we made pizzas again, four personal pan pizzas and one big one. My personal pan pizza had italian sausage and mushrooms and red peppers and fresh mozzarella on it as well as tomato sauce, tomatoes and basil, and the base cheese slice was provolone.

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  1. As for the lack of posting, I know that personally now that classes are over with, I’ll be posting more. Somehow when time gets low I tend to not actually eat dinner. Not good for me, I know.

    What did the other pizzas have on them?

  2. The available toppings were as follows:

    • artichoke hearts
    • baby portabella mushrooms
    • basil
    • canadian bacon
    • diced tomatoes
    • fresh mozzarella
    • grated mozzarella
    • italian sausage
    • muenster cheese
    • pepperoni
    • provolone cheese
    • red onion
    • sliced tomatoes
    • tomato sauce
    • zucchini

    I can’t speak for all the other combinations, but I do recall putting a fair amount of canadian bacon on the full size pizza…

  3. My dinners have been pretty lame (and repetitive) lately, so I haven’t had the urge to share. Another 5 dollar footlong from Subway eaten stealthily in the library? Why yes!

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