Pesto Potato Lasagna

Tod & I tidied up the scary pantry – pulling out all the cans and bottles and packets for reorganization. We had a lot of forgotten jars and duplicates, so we vowed to use at least one item a day until we had consumed at least half of our stock.

Our first application of the vow was a lasagna (noodles from pantry) with pesto (commercial pesto from pantry), soymilk bechamel, and potatoes. Tod whipped up one of his famous million-ingredient, no dressing necessary salads and included some tinned soy beans from the pantry.

What I had for dinner tomorrow night: same thing, reheated!

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  1. After having made six meals in one day strictly from pantry items and produce on hand, I was ready for cleaning up my primary food source. I found all kinds of great things I had forgotten about.

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