Birthday Dinner

It’s my son’s 22nd birthday today, and as he wanted to see his girlfriend tonight, I made the traditional birthday dinner for him last night.  These dinners range from prawns, fillet steak, chicken burgers, lasagne, macaroni cheese, a very wide range.  For his dinner he chose chicken schnitzel with a blue cheese and mushroom sauce, chips and eggs.  Ok, a bit arbitrary sounding, but it turned out well.  Traditionally we have fillet steak with this meal, but as I mentioned in a previous post, there has been a price war on the stuff recently, and we’re all filleted out! The chicken makes a nice alternative.

For pud I made individual self-saucing chocolate puddings, and served it with some chocnut ice cream.  Unfortunately I left the ramekins in the oven for just that one minute too long, and they ended up being rather gooey chocolate cakey type thingys.  But boy they tasted soooo good, mistake or no. They are incredibly easy, apart from the cooking bit.  One minute and they’re overdone, one minute toolittle and they are runny and undercooked.  Yummy anyway. Now he’s off to be spoilt by the girlfriend!

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