Warm San Francisco Night at the Foreign Cinema

Ah, the rare warm San Francisco evening. Where jasmine smells float through the air, the breeze is soft and people are out in droves without parkas. So where better to eat than outside at Foreign Cinema. Starting with a young lettuce salad, so lightly and perfectly dressed that by look alone you would think there was none. Tiny crunchy radishes, perfectly creamy avocado, shaved pecorino. A pure bit of fresh heaven, accompanied by a crisp glass of champagne. Following was spring risotto, with young fava beans, diced mushroom and herbs. The risotto had texture without being crunchy, and was creamy without being too rich. The favas retained firmness, the mushrooms did not overwhelm. A lovely dish accompanying by much contented sighing. Last but certainly not least was the fabulous cheese plate, served with coffee infused honey. Honey like this could stop a war. And the cheeses were all local and artisan. This treat was accompanied by a complementary sauterne that complimented the honey and the local cheeses. A lovely night needs lovely food and that was exactly what we got!


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  1. I LOVE this place, I was not a fan of the mission area before finding this restaurant.
    The perefect night, is a warm evening eating there with your boy-friend and then meeting your crowd and dancing at Medjool.

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