Ton Katsu and Yellow Rice

home-made ton katsuJ and I had separate plans for the pork chops in the fridge, and ended up combining our visions into a pan-ethnic meal. I got some panko (could someone please explain to me why there are Japanese bread crumbs but no Japanese breads?) and katsu sauce at my local corner store, and breaded the chops with a bit of flour and egg (with a little garlic mixed in) first, before dipping them into the bread crumbs and frying them in vegetable oil ’til crisp and yummy. Served with J’s yellow Cuban rice and a mix of steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. For dessert, a slice of my homemade banana bread. The world gets smaller every day.

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  1. And that is a good piccie btw – of course you’d be shot at dawn here if you dared to serve tonkatsu with anything other than white rice and shredded raw cabbage.

  2. There are plenty of Japanese breads: melon pan, shoku pan, an pan. As gomichild implies, they are all awful. Better to hike to the nearest Paul (or take the train if you have to) and get some decent French stuff.

  3. Not seen it served so much with udon – that would make the breaded coating rather soggy…. and udon is most often served in soup – whereas soba is served both in soup or on a tray.

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